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Main Category – The Dive Destination Portfolio



• A set of 5 images should be submitted to this category, introducing the destination you’ve been diving in during the
• Together, these 5 images should construct an attractive portfolio which best represents your dive destination. They should produce a campaign which is capable of capturing the attention of divers and tourists to your dive destination, introducing it as appealing as possible. Images will therefore be judged as a series rather than as standalone photos.
• The portfolio should feature diversity, creativity, attractive subjects and unique, fine photography techniques

1st prize- $5,000 USD check, courtesy of Epson
• 2nd prize- Liveaboard Scuba Diving Adventure for 2 aboard Nautilus Explorer to any of their offered destinations: great white sharks of Guadalupe Island, the giant mantas and dolphins of Socorro Island, giant octopus of British Columbia, or icebergs of Alaska. Courtesy of Nautilus Explorer
• 3rd prize- 10-night trip for 1 person aboard the Philippine Siren, Indo Siren or Maldives Siren.
Courtesy of WorldWide Dive and Sail

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