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World ShootOut - Register Now!

August 1-8, 2011

Register Now!


The international underwater photography grand prix, World ShootOut , will take place worldwide in August 2011. During the week of the shoot out, the whole underwater world will be performing as one huge festival, hosting professional and amateur photographers competing with each other for some very worthy prizes.


  Competition registration ends July 30th, 2011.

Earlybird registration  (no later than July 1st, 2011) entitles the participant to submit a free additional set of images in each category the participant has registered to. 



The 8 day World ShootOut will take place in August 1-8, 2011, in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more.


Yes, you can take part in the competition by diving in your familiar or favorite destination during the days of the shoot out. This can be a wonderful opportunity for you to either take a few days off for the sake of some diving in your local area, or to finally book the holiday you’ve been dreaming of in an exotic dive destination, on a live aboard or in a dive resort.


Participants’ chosen images will be submitted to the competition after the shoot out has concluded, throughout August 9-15.


All World ShootOut categories winners and nominees will be announced on the festive Epson Red Sea winning ceremony in Eilat, Israel, November 19th, 2011.


Underwater photographers from all over the world, both professional and amateurs, are invited to participate in any of the 6  World ShootOut categories.


>> Click Here  for World ShootOut categories & prizes

>> Click Here  for World ShootOut rules & regulations
>> Click Here  for the World ShootOut registration form


For further information, please visit


Good Luck,


David Pilosof
World ShootOut



For further information, please visit


Good Luck,


David Pilosof
World ShootOut


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