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Video Clip Category

  • A video clip of up to 240 seconds taken anytime and anywhere in the world should be submitted to this category.
  • The theme of the video clip is open and can be set according to the videographer’s choice.
  • 60% of the video clip must be shot underwater.
  • Photographers may be assisted by a film crew that takes part in editing, filming and directing the video.
  • Video clips submitted may include a soundtrack, headings, credits, textual elements and other features. All elements will be accounted as part of the maximum video duration.


    1st prize- $2,000 USD check

    2nd prize - soon to be announced
    3rd prize - an RV100 Housing for a majority of video cameras, courtesy of Diveross.

    Participation Fee

    45 Euro

    * Cancellation Policy: Any participant withdrawing from registration before July 2nd  2014 will receive a full refund of submission fees.

    Registering to the competition automatically implies the photographer’s agreement and acceptance of all competition rules  as set and stated by the competition production.


    Videos Submission

    1. Final videos can be submitted until September 3rd, 2012. Although the process of uploading video files is simple, please make sure it is completed ahead of time in order to avoid any last-minute problems.
    2. Videos submitted to the competition should be first uploaded to the participant's private YouTube channel within the original resolution of the video.
    3. Video title should be: "World ShootOut 2013 - Video Clip Category - Participant's Name". So, for instance, if John Malkovich is uploading a video, the video title should be: "World ShootOut 2013 - Video Clip Category - John Malkovich". Video's title may appear in the video itself and on the YouTube video description field.
    4. Once the video has been uploaded to the participant's YouTube channel, the participant should submit the video to the competition by filling in this form, in which the video link on YouTube is requested.  
    5. Participants reaching semi-final stages during the judging process will be asked to burn their video file within its original resolution on a CD/DVD and to send this CD to the production office.
      Address of production office:
      World ShootOut
      51 Zipman st. Raanana
      43100 Israel
      Please note that failure to introduce the video file on a CD/DVD will disqualify the photographer. 


    Rules & Regulations

    1. Videos submitted should comply with all category requirements, as described above.
    2. Final videos can be submitted until September 3rd, 2013. Although the process of uploading video files is simple, please make sure it is completed ahead of time in order to avoid any last-minute problems.
    3. Competition registration must be completed through the competition website no later than August 31st, 2013.
    4. Upon registering to the competition, each participant will receive a participation number, username and password, which later on should be used in order to login and upload the video links submitted to the competition.
    5. Participants must read the “Rules & Regulations” section prior to registering to the competition. Upon submitting the registration form and submitting videos to the competition, participants confirm their agreement with these rules and regulations.
    6. Videos submitted should comply with all category requirements, as described in details above.
    7. Videos submitted to the competition may be taken during day or night.
    8. Videos that were previously submitted to Eilat Red Sea competitions are not to be submitted again this year.
    9. Images of the World judgment, during which 5 nominees and 3 winners are decided upon within each category, will take place in October 20-26, 2013, throughout the Eilat Red Sea event in Eilat.
    10. All World ShootOut categories winners and nominees will be announced on the festive Eilat Red Sea winning ceremony in Eilat, Israel, October 25th, 2013. World ShootOut participants who do not make it to the Eilat Shoot-Out and the winning ceremony will receive their prizes by mail.
    11. Competition organizers will take the utmost care in handling digital files submitted to the competition. However, competition organizers will not be held responsible for any loss of the submitted material at the time of uploading images through the competition website or at the time of the competition itself.
    12. Participants are obligated to follow environmental conservation regulations and to share respect for the underwater world during the process of capturing videos, wherever they might be diving. Be advised that any damage to the protected underwater world, including the disruption of the natural habitat of creatures, provocation through touching, feeding or annoying, is prohibited by law and will disqualify the images or the photographer.
    13. The final deadline for submitting videos is Tusday, September 3rd, 2013, at 23:55 pm GMT +2.
    14. The production encourages the participation of all photographers in the competition but reserves the right not to accept the participation of a photographer who does not comply with the spirit of the competition.
    15. The production is entitled to disqualify a participant who acts against the rules, displays undue conduct, has caused harm to another participant, or acted in any way that is contradictory to the spirit of the competition, as well as any other reason that the production team deems fit. The decision to remove a participant from the competition is final, undisputable, and does not entitle the participant to receive compensation or refund of any kind.
    16. It is absolutely forbidden to make any kind of barters between photographers and to submit videos in one's own name but which another photographer has taken. The competition is conducted individually and rules of ethics must be adhered to.
    17. Legal issues of any kind that result in lawsuits shall be solely held at the Tel Aviv Courthouse.

    Use of Photographs

    • By enrolling the competition, participants agree that the submitted videos may be used or reproduced for the media coverage of this event and for the promotion of future competitions in all media channels, including TV, Internet, written publications and more.
    • Competition organizers reserve the right to make use of videos submitted to the competition for the purpose of publishing a competition album, calendars, and any other use that promotes future competitions or found useful by the production.
    • Submitted materials shall indefinitely remain in the producers' archives without the requirement of further permission for usage.
    • Video credits will be given to the photographer when applicable.
    • Submission of materials and participation in the competition entails an automatic acceptance of all the above.
    • Use of videos as described above will require no additional written or verbal permissions from the photographer.

    Rights of Materials


    I hereby declare that I'm the rightful owner of all the copyrights to the aforementioned video/image. This video/image was produced by me, including the featured soundtrack, and I own the rights to sell, distribute, rent or broadcast it in any way or form, including private and commercial use, anywhere in the world. I declare that I will be liable for any damage, loss or expense that will result of using these materials according to my aforementioned declaration.


    Signing the official competition registration form states the photographer’s agreement to the rules stated above.


    Personal Safety


    Participants are responsible for their own safety and for the proper use of their diving and photography equipment. Divers must dive within the limits of their own dive certification level and according to the local diving regulations (remember to bring your dive certification and diving insurance along). Competition organizers and sponsors do not accept responsibility for the safety of participants during their diving activity, nor do they accept responsibility for any damage to personal equipment that may occur as a result of diving activities. Dive Safely!



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