Best Wrecks Category - B&W


  • A single black & white image taken during January 1st- November 1st, 2016, should be submitted to this category, featuring a shipwreck, plane wreck or any other underwater wreck.
  • The image should introduce the photographer’s perception of the wreck within its natural surroundings, such as featuring elements which represent the interaction of the wreck with its new underwater environment.
  • There must be a substantial visual presence of the wreck in the image submitted.


  • 1st prize - 6 days Red Sea liveaboard safari on M/Y SOUTH MOON for 2 persons,
    courtesy of SEA QUEEN FLEET 
  • 2nd prize – 6 days of great wreck diving in Cyprus for 2 with Zenobia Divers
    including accommodation at Palm Beach Hotel 
  • 3rd prize –  The Radiant 1000X is a compact and durable dive and video light
    courtesy of: Mozaik Underwater Cameras


Best Wrecks Category Winner - Alfonso Exposito, Spain



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