Sharks Category


  • A set of 3 shark images taken during January 1st- November 1st,  2016,  should be submitted to this category.
  • These can be either 3 standalone impressive shark images or 3 shark images that when integrated into one series, produce an impressive portfolio.
  • Images should refer to the environmental context of the shark, emphasizing its powerful visual appearance, as well as its independency and tendency to control.


  • 1st prize - Dreamy sharks dive vacation for 2 people, worth $7000  offered by Avalon Cuban Diving Centers  at Gardens of the Queen - the ultimate Shark Paradise,
    including round transfer Havana / Jucaro, 6 nights on board MV Tortuga, full board, 6 beverages/day, 15 dives
  • 2nd prize -  Dive trip of 6 days diving on the famous Protea Banks with Roland Mauz, South Africa for 1 person, including 7 Nights' accommodation in the Diver Villa in Margate offered by: African Dive Adventures + 4  activities offered by: South Coast Tourism    

Sharks Category Winner - Tobias Bernhard Raff, Germany










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