Video Clip



  • 1st prize - $1,000 USD check, courtesy of the Israeli Diving Authority
  • 2nd prize - Sola 2500 Video Light, courtesy of Light & Motion .  
  • 3rd prize - Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme ACD regulator, courtesy of  Aqua Lung  


-  Leandro Blanco, Spain 
-  Vanessa Cara-Kerr, Germany
-  Shaked Barzilay, Israel 
-  Jim Catlin, Cayman Islands
-  Evan Sherman Evan, USA


The Video Clips:

 "When you're gone"Leandro Blanco, Spain

"a coral NightmareWeather" -  Vanessa Cara-Kerr, Germany

 "The Red Sea Creatures" - Shaked Barzilay, Israel  


"A Fleeting Moment" - Jim Catlin, Cayman Islands

 "The Not so Silent World " - Evan Sherman Evan, USA

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