Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash

World Shootout Championship

proudly presents the 
Underwater Photography Global Championship 2021


Join Forces, Dive, Gain National Pride 


In the world of art, media and creativity, some of the most impressive works introduced are those produced by a successful teamwork.
World ShootOut proudly introduces the Underwater Photography Global Championship 2021 and inviting photographers from the
same country to team-up and submit together stunning, award-winning of 6 images.

Important Guidelines 

• Each team should consist of 3 photographers from the same country. Photographers can team up independently.
• Several teams originating from the same country can participate in the competition.
• Teams can also be sponsored by a brand and titled accordingly.
• Only one photographer in each team should register the team through the registration form

Images Submission  
• Registration - One of the photographers should register the whole team through the category's registration form. 
  In the registration form, please provide the names of all other photographers in the team.
• Each team participating in this category should submit 6 best images (2 images per photographer).
• Minor image enhancements, such as color and contrast, are permitted. Image editing that alters the main content of the photo, such as moving,
   removing or implanting elements, is not permitted.

• Deadline for competition images submission is November 1st, 2020.
 Semi-final December 20th, resulting with 10 finalist teams.
5 Teams reaching the finals January 5th,  during the judging process will be asked to send
their 6 selected images in both RAW and JPEG using any of the online download services:
 DropBox, Jambo Mail, Hightail, Wetransfer or others. Each image out of the portfolio should be titled with the photographer's name.

Winning ceremony
•    January 29th, 2022 Award Winning Ceremony – announcing the winners live ant boot Dusseldorf show- time will be announce

Good Luck!