Underwater Photo Grand Prix
19 Years | 854 Winners | $276,000 Cash


Our productions began in 2005 with the Eilat Red Sea Shootout. Since then, we have been recognizing and rewarding underwater photographers with prestigious prizes valued over $1,000,000, including over $276,000 in cash prizes.

Producer David Pilosof revolutionized the industry by launching the first World ShootOut online competition in 2011. This groundbreaking event introduced an international competition like never before, attracting hundreds of photographers from around 57 countries worldwide. Each year, participants submit thousands of captivating images and videos that capture the serene lakes of the Nordic countries and Canada, unveil the hidden secrets of Alaska, and showcase the majestic great white shark in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pilosof has spearheaded numerous remarkable underwater photo productions, guided by our vision to push technological boundaries, deliver stunning visuals, and transform seemingly impossible dreams into reality. Some of our notable endeavours include:

In 2010, we conducted three days of live underwater broadcasts in full HD from the depths of the Red Sea, streaming directly to the Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany.
In 2011, we collaborated with FTV to produce awe-inspiring underwater 3D videos at the Red Sea.
In 2014, we orchestrated "Storm in the Sea," an extraordinary live broadcast featuring 271 divers exploring the Satil wreck in Eilat, Israel.
In 2015, we organized "Silence of the Sharks," a global underwater protest against shark hunting culminating in a festive event.
We take great pride in inviting all divers, underwater photographers, diving centers, liveaboards, and media partners to participate in one of the most innovative, creative, international, and celebratory competitions ever produced!

The winners of World ShootOut 2024 will be announced during a special ceremony held on January 27th, 2025, at the boot Düsseldorf dive show in Germany.