Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash
  • Award ceremony
    Photo by: Roni Sofer

    The award ceremony and announcing the winners  will take place at
    boot Dusseldorf show, January 27, 2024 

  • Black Water 2018
    Photo by: Isoon Tepsaskul Thailand
  • Global Championship Winners 2019
    Photo by: Sigala Shoham

    Team USA, comprised of Renee Capozzola, Ron Watkins, and Jeff Milisen won the Championship 2019 category! 
    They competed in the finals against Spanish Team, and another 3 Italian teams
    Renee Capozzola accepted this award on stage with her two sons, Dean and Donovan, since her teammates were unable to attend the awards ceremony. 


  • Best 5 winners 2019
    Photo by: Sigala Shoham

    Grant Thomas from United Kingdom won the first prize, Greg Lecoeur from France won the second prize and
    Tobias Friedrich from Germany  won the third  prize

  • Best Picture of the Year 2019
    Photo by: Sigala Shoham

    Ryan Koh from Singapore was announce for best picture of the Year 2019

  • Behind the Scenes 2010
    Photo by: Michel Braunstein, Israel
  • Best Picture of the year 2022

    Claudio Ceresi from Italy won the top valuable prize for best picture of the year
     a $10,000 worth of 3 weeks diving vacation for 2 people, 
    in Papua New Guinea

  • Happy Winners 2014
    Photo by: Andrey Bizyukin
  • UW Fashion 2013

     First prize went to Yuzuru Masuda, Japan 


  • Black Water 2018
    Photo by: Wayne Jones, Australia
  • UW Fashion 2011
    Photo by: Alex Vanzetti, Israel
Competition 2023


After a breathtaking journey through thousands of captivating underwater entries,
 World Shootout 2023 semi-finalists have surfaced! 
We want to extend a giant thank you to all the talented amateur and professional photographers
from across the globe who took the plunge and shared their incredible visions.

Click the links below to explore the categories and discover if your name
is among the photographers who made it to the semi-finalists.


your opportunity for recognition
Success Stories
  • Renee Capozzola
    Winning 1st Prizes in Sharks category 2020, National Team categories 2019 & 2016, and USA Photographer of the Year 2019
  • Franco Tulli
    images that can thrill and maybe make you want to immerse yourself in this silent world.
  • Ken Kiefer
    I really love shooting almost everything underwater but fashion is a really great medium to express my creativity....
  • Tanya Houppermans
    Challenge yourself to show your subject to the world in a way that people may have never seen it before. I try to do this with my shark images.....
  • Gregory Lecoeur
    Achieving speeds of 100 kilometers per hour as they strike the water and pursuing their prey underwater....
  • Live Broadcasts to Photokina 2010
    On September 21-23, during the Photokina 2010 Fair, Eilat Red Sea carried out live underwater broadcasts in full HD from bottom of the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel, straight to the Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany.
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