Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash


•    Deadline - November 1st, 2023
for registration and uploading Images and Video clips. 

•    Semifinals - December 5th, 2023
Initial selection up to 50 nominees will be carried out by the jury panel. Names of photographers reaching the semifinals will be published on the competition website by December 5th.
These photographers will be contacted by e-mail and will be requested to provide original image files in RAW and JPEG and/or HD video files using any of the online transfer services. 

•   5 Finals and Best Picture of the Year – January 5th, 2024
 5 nominees who have reached the finals in each category will be announced on the competition website by January 5th, 2024.  
At this point, our jury panel will also select the 10 best and most outstanding images submitted to any of World ShootOut 2023 categories.
These images will be nominated to the Best Picture of the Year prize. Prior to the winning ceremony, Director of boot Dusseldorf, Mr. Petros Michelidakis, will select the winning images out of these 10 nominees. 

Award Winning Ceremony – January 27th , 2024
 Announcing the winners live at boot Dusseldorf show, starting 16.00