Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash
Black Water 2022
  • Submit your best 3 images taken January 1st, 2022 to November 1st, 2022
  • These can be either 3 standalone impressive images of Plankton, Jellyfish, Symbiosis, Creature, Behavior,
     environmental images of subjects living on trash or drifting flotsam. or 3 images telling the story of the various
     subjects found in their unique and natural habitat.
  • Not allowed, cloning or any hint of manipulation, trapping or stressing of animal. 
  • All subjects should be photographed in open water at night.
  • All audited images will also call for location, depth of water and depth that the subject was photographed at.
  • Images must be saved in jpeg format and should be up to 1,500 pixels in the longest dimension.
  • Minor editing is allowed: Up to 25% cropping, global changes, minor backscatter removal. Backscatter, 
    unless it is damaging to the subject in the image is a part of the habitat. Open ocean is often turbid, 
    and the judges will take this into consideration.
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