Underwater Photo Grand Prix
15 Years | 667 Winners | $267,000 Cash
Best 5 Images 2021
  •   Submit your best 5 images taken in your career as underwater photographer.
  • These can be either 5 standalone impressive images with respect to composition, subject, idea, creativity and photography techniques,
  • or 5 images that produce an impressive portfolio when integrated together. 
  • The portfolio should feature diversity, creativity, attractive subjects and unique, fine photography techniques.
  • Only 2 Black Water images out of the 5 are allowed to be submitted.
  • Images must be saved in jpeg format and should be up to 1,500 pixels in the longest dimension.
  • Minor editing of images using any imaging software is allowed: This includes color and contrast enhancements, 
    backscatter removal, up to 15 % cropping allowed, minor flaws fixes and background consolidation.
    Image editing that alters the main content of the image, such as moving, removing models and/or implanting foreign elements, is not permitted. 

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