Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash
Black Water 2023
  • Submit a set of 3 best images taken in open water at night between November 2, 2022 and November 1, 2023.
  • The images must feature plankton, jellyfish, symbiosis, creatures, behavior, environmental images of subjects living on trash or drifting flotsam, or a story of the various subjects found in their unique and natural habitat.
  • Cloning or any hint of manipulation, trapping, or stressing of animals is not allowed.
    All subjects must be photographed in open water at night.
  • AI Usage Prohibition:
    We want to emphasize that it is absolutely forbidden to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in any form for image creation, enhancement, or manipulation in this year's competition. 
    At World ShootOut, we value the traditional artistry and skill of underwater photography, and thus, all submitted images must be a result of conventional photography techniques, void of any AI-generated content.
  • All submitted images will require location, depth of water, and depth that the subject was photographed at.
  • Minor editing is allowed: up to 25% cropping, global changes, and minor backscatter removal. Backscatter, unless it is damaging to the subject in the image, is a part of the habitat. Open ocean is often turbid, and the judges will take this into consideration.

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  • 1st prize

    Philippines 7-night dive vacation
    for 1 person at Atlantis Puerto Galera or
    Atlantis Dumaguete value usd 2800
    Courtesy of 
    Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards

  • 2nd prize

    2 strobes D-Pro • up to 3000 flashes
    recycle 0.1-1.1Sec Beam Angel:150-degree,
    Prize value USD 1516, courtesy of SUPE  

  • 3rd prize

    to be announce soon