Underwater Photo Grand Prix
17 Years | 804 Winners | $267,000 Cash

When Art and Conservation meet

  • Set of 3 images should be submitted to this category taken between: November 2,  2022, until November 1, 2023,
    concerning artificial objects, construction or destruction or other interactions between
    humans and the natural marine environment. 
  • The images should introduce the photographer's perception of human actions
     within its natural environment, such as components produced by the combination 
    of the artificial object or a wreck with its new underwater environment.
  • Images need to emphasize campaign for environmental conservation which includes protest,
     alternatively and management. The campaign can show a negative vs. positive approach or show
     mutual benefit and a supportive relationship between human activities and the underwater world.
  • Both way, the set of images submitted to this category should highlight the delicate
     and somewhat fragile reality prevailed by the presence of humans in the underwater environment.
  • Short content should be  send to us by mail, explaining the idea behind the set of images/campaign.
    This content will include a title (the topic) and a summary that does not exceed 50 words.
  • Images must be saved in jpeg format and should be up to 1,500 pixels in the longest dimension.
  • Minor editing of images using any imaging software is allowed: This includes color and contrast enhancements, 
    backscatter removal, up to 15 % cropping allowed, minor flaws fixes and background consolidation.
    Image editing that alters the main content of the image, such as moving, removing models and/or
    implanting foreign elements, is not permitted. 

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  • 1st prize

    Dive trip to Papua New Guinea for 2 people aboard MV OCEANIA 
    prizes value USD 11.640
    courtesy of MV OCEANIA

  • 2nd Prize

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia - 6 Night/7 Day holiday for 1 person at Biodiversity Nature Resort, courtesy of Biodiversity Nature Resort

  • 3rd prize

    5 days of diving in Dahab Red Sea, courtesy of Sinai Divers