Underwater Photo Grand Prix
18 Years | 854 Winners | $276,000 Cash
Ariel Fuches, France

35 years of in-the-field experience as a marine expert, Ariel Fuchs has collaborated with the most prestigious oceanographic and scientific institutions
around the world and has strong relationship with French and European space agencies. His various encounters with Jacques-Yves Cousteau have
trengthened his vision of a need for education about the ocean and the underwater environment.

Through his years of collaboration with French architect Jacques Rougerie he has participated in the making of several major international sea centers in India,
China and Korea. As a consultant in scientific communication and marine sciences, Ariel Fuchs has worked, as Project Leader on ambitious international
endeavors such as, the archaeological museum of Alexandria (Egypt), the Extension of Monaco’s Principality over the Sea for Prince Albert II  of  Monaco,
and more recently, the International oceanic station SeaOrbiter for which he served as Science Director then Executive Director for 8 years.

An engineer in Marine Environmental sciences, he also holds a master degree in Oceanography and a PhD in marine biology.
A scientific journalist and an underwater photographer for more than 15 years he has run several diving and maritime magazines as chief editor
with a particular passion for underwater exploration, a field in which he has conducted several expeditions around the world. He has also worked for
French television and produced several TV magazines with subject the seas and the ocean. He is the author of several books including Diving Paradises,
the Seas around the globe, the Most beautiful islands and the Atlas of Sustainable Development towards the Ocean. He was invited to give a talk
at the TED-X conference in Paris in 2012. Ariel Fuchs is a Lieutenant Commander in the French Navy and a member of the Explorers Club of New York.